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Learn how to exchange expensive debt for cheap and reduce interest

Did you know that it is possible to exchange an expensive debt for cheap debt? That is, to exchange debts with very high interest rates for a debt with cheaper installments and low interest rates.

Do the math

Do the math

To swap expensive debts for cheaper debts, initially, it’s important to identify the type of debt you currently have by analyzing whether their value is harming your budget.

If it’s an expensive debt, you have to devise a strategy to turn it into a cheap debt. To do so, we have taken a short step by step to get you organized.

1st Step

The first step to this is to add up all the debts you have. Those that are in installments, calculate the total amount along with the interest.


  • Credit card: interest of 20%, total due = R $ 700.00
  • Rent: 2% interest plus 10% fine, total due = R $ 1500.00
  • Accounts of delayed light: fine 2% plus interest of 1%, total due = R $ 800,00

Total: 35% interest per month, total due = R $ 3000.00

2nd Step

One solution to getting them out is by applying for a loan . However, the type of loan is also considered as expensive or cheap, given the interest rates charged per month. Check out the interest rates on the loans:

  • Payroll loan : around 2.10% of interest per month in up to 96 installments.
  • Personal Loan : Approximately 18% interest per month, divided in approximately 36 months.

Step 3

You are entitled to hire the payroll loan

You are entitled to hire the payroll loan

If you are a public servant, retiree or pensioner, you are entitled to hire the payroll loan. This type of credit allows a hiring without credit analysis or queries to the score . Thus, it is possible to request a loan in the amount of your debts and pay them off, paying only the portion of the loan with minor interest . In addition, the creditors value the payment in cash allowing up to a discount on the balance due.


Requesting a loan in the amount of R $ 3000.00 to pay all the debts of the previous example, with interest of 2.10% per month (there are banks that offer even lower rates) in installments in 45 months, the amount of the installments will be R $ 103 , 70.

4th Step

After exchanging expensive debt for cheap, it is important to keep an eye on consumption so as not to go back to the previous situation. In this way, one of the main care that must be taken not to become defaulted is the use of credit card.

This is because even if you are splitting purchases into smaller amounts, depending on the accumulation of purchases, the invoice will come in a value that you did not expect.

Learn more about credit modalities

Learn more about credit modalities

Good lender provides up to date and informative materials about the world of loans. Thus, people are no longer at the mercy of the information given only by the managers of banks, making it possible to make a hiring that really meets their needs.

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