For this he can pick a suitable offer on the internet. Subsequently, on the website of the credit provider, some personal information is entered and sent to the credit intermediary.

How does the loan seeker get his instant loan online payday loan? 

How does the loan seeker get his instant loan online loan? 

The instant loan is usually confirmed within an hour with a provisional commitment. In the loan application, the customer writes the loan amount, the term and, if necessary, the installment amount. Based on this data, the provisional loan commitment is created and a Bank query is performed.

online payday loan with instant confirmation for spontaneous purchases

Online loan with instant confirmation for spontaneous purchases

If the Bank information does not contain any negative entries and the customer’s income for an instant loan is sufficient, the loan application will be accepted. Before the payment is made, a few operations still need to be completed. After receipt of the loan application, the customer must send his proof of income to the bank on the basis of a salary certificate. A permanent employment contract is usually part of the requirements.

The loan application is then signed and mailed to the lender. He checks the final loan commitment on the basis of the data available to him, by verifying it with his proof of income. Thereafter, the borrower is paid the loan amount from the contract. It usually takes four to five business days for the money to be in the claimant’s account.

The loan with great flexibility


An instant loan online payday loan has the benefit of great flexibility in lending. With easy-to-use comparison computers, you can borrow money quickly and easily. The conditions of the individual providers can be compared with a simple mouse click. For the safety of the customer and the lender, the personal data is verified, and the process of going to the post office was previously unavoidable.

There, the identity of the customer is checked with a PostIdent form and an identity card. After the postal official has made the data reconciliation, the instant loan can be sent to the provider. Recently, however, Lending Family also has the option of legitimizing itself online via VideoIdent, especially for a quick loan. This is how the entire process of borrowing is done online.